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Adriano Ficarelli


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Adriano Ficarelli

Street Photographer

Adriano Ficarelli is a street photographer born in Brazil with strong family ties to Italy and the United States. living now in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Adriano was deeply influenced by his extended family of artists: painters, musicians, composers and architects. In his youth was captivated by the 1960's, black and white photographs he found in his father's collection of the Italian magazine, DOMUS. Later, at university, he studied electronics, architecture, art history and graphic design. But became a self-taught photographer as he began experimenting with black and white film.

Every good movie is an inspiration to Adriano. His photographic style stems from his appreciation of cinema. His artistic eye observes a specific moment in the flow of life around him and captures it to reveal the special qualities that attracted him. The photograph is a candid shot evoking an emotional response. Handheld in any environment.

Adriano's professional experience is with computer hardware and software. Throughout his life, however, he was always drawing, writing poetry, composing music and working with sound design. In 2013, he published a book/CD: Batatas and Champignons (Potatoes and Mushrooms). Since then he has primarily pursued artistic expressions through photography.

Adriano Ficarelli photographs has won awards and participated in a variety of South Florida collective and juried exhibitions.

All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Adriano Ficarelli. All Rights Reserved. It is for sale, copyrighted to Adriano Ficarelli and, as such, is protected by International Copyright laws.

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